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Bluer Denim: The Review

Previously I have written a bit about Bluer Denim in general as a company, however it is only now that I finally got to try them on and see them for myself. To be upfront, I don’t know a whole lot about denim, only to the extent that raw selvage denim is cool, but that’s about it. I have been mostly an advocate for other fabrics/types of pants out there, namely corduroys, chinos and khakis, as I had felt jeans are becoming way too safe an option for pants nowadays. 

Consider me a denim devotee now: I have drunk the cool-aid. There’s something about the easiness and flexibility go-with-everything quality that I now love jeans. I got the Matchstick in Soul Mate Rinse and Boy-cut Taper Selvage. Both were true to fit size-wise. 


I bought this to replace the only pair of jeans that I had in a dark rinse that my sister made off with. In hindsight that was a serious blessing in disguise, up to the point that I feel bad that I ended up with such a better pair of jeans. Ah well, damn the conscience. That’s for stealing my jeans, sis! It’s the fit though that really shines for this pair, as I find most skinny jeans to not be skinny enough without ending up being uncomfortable in the crotch area. This was not an issue at all for BD’s Matchstick — thoroughly skinny, but skinny comfortable. I intend to get another pair sometime soon in another rinse/wash.

Boy-cut Taper Selvage

The Matchstick is a great pair of jeans, but it was definitely out-shadowed by the sheer beauty of the Selvage. It was entirely by chance that I came across Inventory’s coverage of the Cone Mills’ White Oak Plant in their S/S 2013 issue. All of BD’s denim are made by Cone Mills, but because of the Inventory’s editorial I knew just how MAJOR their selvage denim are. This is stuff of Japanese streetwear wet dreams man. And well deserved too, seeing as how glorious the details are. Just look at that exquisite tri-coloured seam running through the entire leg of the jeans.

The Verdict

GET THEM. Considering the level of quality and the relatively low price tag, they’re down right affordable. I’ve never owned premium denim myself before, but I have seen my fair share of 7s and Luckys and these are better. Having someone sign off inspection as seen on the inside flap (hello Dan!) is a nice human touch in the age of extreme industrialization/globalization. Not to be topped, the customer service is great too. My only complaint? More options in selvage (like men’s). I know overall women aren’t nearly as keen about selvage/and their denim in general as most (streetwear/menswear oriented) men are but trust me they are out there. I would love BD to be one my stop shop for all denim, selvage and raw. 

**For added irony, I wore my Roots Canada sweater (as seen above) in case you wondering with the all American made jeans. I was not compensated by Bluer Denim for this review.